January 13, 2023

Writers Like You: Interview with Amelia Sherry


In this interview, Amelia Sherry and I talk about her new book, Diet-Proof Your Daughter, and the hidden messages about food and eating that surround all of us. We discuss her positive experience with self-publishing and what she's learned from being able to manage all aspects of the process herself.

Amelia Sherry has been a lover of sweets, chronic dieter, fitness and nutrition writer, mother, pediatric dietitian, and advocate of weight-inclusive healthcare over the past twenty years—and in that order, which makes sense given the topic of her first full-length book. She's counseled hundreds of moms and dads on positive approaches to parenting around food and is now the founder and lead content creator at NourishHer. Despite her love of food and master's level degree in nutrition, she remains a very bad cook. You can attend a workshop with her (and other moms) or read more about her (mis)adventures feeding and raising her own daughters simply by searching NourishHer in Google. (Yup, that's two "H"s.)

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