My Books

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl reading the Nancy Drew series. My first books starred gritty heroines solving mysteries and going on grand adventures.
Nowadays, my books are less fiction but no less empowering (I hope!) for my readers: the authors and professionals I serve in my business.
In the books below, I hope you’ll find something to inspire you on your own journey as an author.

Hungry Authors

The Indispensable Guide to Planning, Creating, and Publishing a Nonfiction Book (forthcoming, Rowman & Littlefield - August 6, 2024)

Every aspiring writer—that’s you!—knows how it feels to have something important to say, a message burning in their veins. You know the next step is immortalizing it in a book. But when you type “How do I publish a book?” into a search engine, you learn two things right away: One, writing a book is hard. Two, your chances of publishing success are low. There is so much contradictory advice out there. Plus, the persistent “scarcity narrative” around publishing makes it seem like the publishing world is some kind of exclusive club. Exasperated, you think, I want to create a high-quality book that impacts the world, but this seems impossible! It’s time to flip the script.

We believe any author with a great idea can write and publish a kick-ass book. We’ll help you do this by:

  • encouraging you to establish the right mindset
  • coaching you to create a solid plan
  • guiding you through the writing process, and
  • teaching you how to pitch and publish your book.

Hungry authors have an important message and story that the world needs, and we want to help you share it. We want to take you from desperation to determination, from overwhelm to focus, and from confusion to clarity. It’s not easy; it takes grit, gumption, and a stick-with-it-ness that keeps you committed to the work despite all obstacles. But if you’ve got the hunger and the know-how, it can be done.