August 11, 2022

Writers Like You: An Interview with Molly Wilcox

Traditional Publishing

The world of traditional publishing can sometimes feel exclusive and elite; most of the talk around publishing seems intended to discourage authors from attempting this path. But for some people, it’s exactly the right choice! And, contrary to popular opinion, authors with small platforms can and do sign traditional book deals every day. 

Molly Wilcox is proof.

In this week’s interview with Molly Wilcox, Molly and I talk about her experience with hybrid publishing for her first book, before she signed with a literary agent for her second book. Molly shares why hybrid and traditional publishing can be good choices for authors who want to focus on what they love most: the writing itself. She also shares the surprising (to her!) amount of generosity and support she’s found within the publishing community.

Molly Wilcox is an author and coach. She has an English degree and has been featured on Bible Gateway, Darling Magazine, Grit & Virtue, and Way Media. Her weekly newsletter “Threshold” invites others to transform their mundane moments into holy ones.

As a certified Hope*Writers coach she empowers faithful creatives to chase after their God-given dreams. When she isn’t writing, reading or coaching, she’s probably showing a stranger pictures of her mini goldendoodle pup.  

She lives with her husband in Franklin, TN. To connect with Molly find her blog at or find her on social media @MrsMollyWilcox.