October 28, 2022

Writers Like You: An Interview with Meg Geisewite

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Sticking With Your Passion Project

It takes a lot of tenacity, grit, and stick-with-it-ness (just go with it) to bring a book to life. I’ve had the honor of working with Meg Geisewite, author of the forthcoming Intoxicating Lies: One Woman’s Journey to Freedom From Gray Area Drinking, almost since the beginning of her book project! 

When Meg came to me, she did not feel like a writer. She’s spent a career in pharmaceutical sales—and yet, she couldn’t escape the passion she felt for writing and the NEED she had to get her story out there. When I saw her rough draft, I immediately spotted that Meg is a born storyteller and I loved getting to affirm that gift in her! 

In this video, you’ll hear Meg talk about how we framed each chapter around the “intoxicating lies” that we (especially women) are told about drinking: that it makes us more fun, that we deserve it, that we can’t get by without it, and more. It turns out, alcohol use lies on a spectrum, with a large area of “gray area drinking” in the middle. Meg felt uncomfortable with her drinking habits for a long time, but kept getting told that she didn’t have a problem—even by her therapist! I love Meg’s story because, while it’s about leaving alcohol behind, it’s also about learning to listen to what she calls your “Inner Knowing” and affirming your own intuition. We all need more of that! 

We also talk about the process we went through together, her rigorous search to find the right publishing team, why she ended up picking Clovercroft Publishing, and why she has loved the hybrid publishing process. Publishing is confusing, and there were many moments when Meg could have given up, but she stuck with her passion project, stood firm in the knowledge that her book was needed—and now here we are celebrating her!

To find out more about Meg and her book, visit https://www.intoxicatinglies.com/

You can pre-order Intoxicating Lies at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and more!